Mercedes Toole

Licensed Assistant

Mercedes joined Goodwealth Financial – IPC in 2013. She has completed the Canadian Investment Funds Course and earned a Professional Tax Preparation Certificate. As a Licensed Assistant, Mercedes continues the journey to becoming a financial planner.  She also manages our income tax business called Goodworks Tax Service, to benefit our clients and our financial planning firm.

Mercedes is a great multi-tasker and organizational guru. She thrives in our fast-paced environment and faces all challenges with a positive outlook. This ensures every client experience is an enjoyable one.

Mercedes works part-time at a veterinary clinic to bolster her love of animals. She is active with supporting various animal rescues and the Winnipeg Humane Society. She adopted two Pomeranians named Addie and Ranger from the same local animal rescue.

She also enjoys reading, relaxing at the lake, judging BBQ competitions, spending time with Addie and Ranger, and learning the joys of homeownership.

E –

P – 204-989-7084

F – 1-866-277-7176

Tax services available through Goodworks Tax Service